Body Contouring | Thermage FLX

How Long Will The Body Contouring Results Last?

With non-surgical body contouring procedures like Thermage and VelaShape, you’ll likely have to complete a series of treatments before noticing results. Once you see results, it’s vital you maintain them by exercising, eating sensibly, and drinking plenty of water. And depending on the procedure you had done, you’ll probably have to undergo maintenance sessions every few months.

VelaShape in particular helps you to achieve gradual results. Most people notice cellulite and circumference reduction (one to three inches, on average!) in the six to eight weeks following their final treatment.

Thermage tightens the skin, smooths lines and wrinkles, diminishes pore size and improves uneven pigmentation. Keep in mind, however, that Thermage can tighten skin only so much – it’s just not that effective on areas with considerably loose skin.

Most physicians agree that Thermage results last a minimum of two years — but Thermage doesn’t stop the aging process. You’ll have to undergo regular maintenance treatments to keep your results looking their best.