Laser Hair Removal

How Many Treatments Before I No Longer Have Any Hair Regrowth?

Hair follicles in the active growth or anagen phase can be successfully targeted, you’ll likely need six to eight treatments, spaced some four to eight weeks apart. But it all depends on the area being treated. Your legs might see faster results, while your back will likely need more treatments. You’ll probably notice a vast improvement after your first treatment – you’ll see hairs become finer and sparser and growth slow. You’ll also likely notice hair pores shrinking after each treatment and your skin growing smoother.

It’s generally agreed that after three laser hair removal treatments fifty percent of people see their unwanted hair gone. After six sessions, almost ninety percent (or more!) of all treated hair is permanently removed. But you should keep in mind that results vary from person to person and that you may experience faster or slower permanent hair loss than is average.