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Can I Reduce Pore Size With Laser Treatments?

Sadly, large pores can cause your complexion to appear dull and uneven. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with them! There’s now a number of different non-invasive  treatments designed to reduce your pore size, helping you to achieve a smoother, brighter and more youthful complexion.

Let’s take an up-close look at pores, and possible treatments to minimize their appearance.

Essential to Health

Pores are essential to your skin’s health. They lubricate your skin, keeping it soft and hydrated. Pores are also home to all of the follicles of hair that grow on your body. Pores become more prominent when they are dilated, infected, or clogged with oil, making them appear larger than they really are. But what determines pore size?

There are two main factors that contribute to large pores: genetics and age. People who have skin that is naturally thick and oily tend to have larger pores. As people get older, too, sun damage and decreased skin elasticity can cause pores to dilate. The skin thickens, causing tiny cells to collect around the edge of the pores, making them look larger. Blackheads are also a big contributor to large pores. When the pore becomes clogged with dirt and bacteria, oil within the pore begins to accumulate, causing the pore’s diameter to expand. 

The appearance of large pores can be greatly reduced in a number of ways. Cleansing the pores of debris, excess oil, and bacteria will significantly reduce their prominence. This can be achieved by using LaserAway Beauty products such as Come Clean face wash, My Hero Retinol cream, and more. These products help the skin increase collagen and elastin production while simultaneously loosening dirt and oil from the pores.

You should also consider the following skin fitness treatments: Instant Glow Laser Facial  IPL photo facials, and Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing:

Instant Glow Laser Facial (IGLF)

IGLF works by using a laser to gently heat the skin causing collagen production and remodeling. The heat generated from the laser promotes healing of the skin within, treating a number of different dermatological issues. Instant Glow Laser Facials specifically minimize enlarged pores by tightening them.

IGLF procedures are virtually painless, but some may experience mild discomfort from heat.

The treatment process itself is straightforward. Before the IGLF treatment, a medical professional will cleanse the skin, and you’ll be required to wear protective eyewear. The treatment, which lasts around 20 minutes, during which a medical professional will gently lase your skin so that heat can build on the skin’s surface. 

Most IGLF procedures are virtually painless, but some people may experience mild discomfort. IGLF facials typically require little to no recovery time. Following treatment, you can return to your normal activities.  

If you want to dramatically diminish your pore size, you must be diligent about scheduling multiple IGLF treatment sessions. Repetitive collagen stimulation over time, leads to the appearance of reduced pore size.

Clear + Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant rejuvenates the skin from the inside out using a non-invasive diode laser. Its non-invasive laser technology gently resurfaces the top layer of the dermis by creating millions of microscopic treatment zones in the skin. It replaces damaged skin with healthy, younger-looking tissue. The result? Smoother, softer and youthful-looking skin with reduced pore size. 

 The treatment itself is simple. Each Clear + Brilliant procedure takes about thirty minutes. A topical numbing agent is applied to the face 30 minutes prior to the procedure. This is removed right before treatment begins. The actual laser session lasts a quick 20 minutes, and most patients experience only a warm tingling or prickling sensation with little or no discomfort. To ensure proper contact with the skin and uniform application to all treated areas, Clear + Brilliant technology uses a patented intelligent Optimal Tracking System. Directly after the Clear + Brilliant laser treatment, a cooling face mask is placed on the treated area for two to three minutes to reduce any residual sensation of heat.

Clear + Brilliant is clinically proven to significantly reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. Almost all patients who undergo Clear + Brilliant treatments report their skin looks younger and feels smoother. What’s more, their skin achieves a noticeable glow after a series of three to six Clear + Brilliant treatments. This glow owes to the fact that Clear + Brilliant significantly helps refresh skin tone and refine skin texture by shrinking down pore size – indeed, many patients see a significant difference in the appearance of their skin after only one treatment. Within as little as a week, patients notice brighter, softer, more refined and more youthful skin texture.

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