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  • In Laguna Woods, Laser Hair Removal is a Low Risk Procedure

    When the sun is out and the weather is fine in Laguna Woods, you likely think about donning shorts, t-shirts or even a bathing suit. Laser hair removal makes your wardrobe choices easier because you never have to worry about having too much hair. Typically, laser hair removal is a high reward and low risk procedure, though there is always a risk of burns and scarring using laser technology. Lasers produce a concentrated form of heat radiation that can injure skin cells. If a laser hair removal procedure is done correctly – using the right lasers, finding the proper wavelength and the skill of the treating physician – the risk of side effects diminish.

    Selection is Key

    The type of laser your laser hair removal doctor uses is one of the key components to a safe, effective session. The correct laser set to the right wavelength is paramount to allowing the laser to pass harmlessly through the skin and target the melanin, or pigment, in your hair follicles. Why? The laser’s job is to attack pigment, thereby interrupting the hair follicle’s ability to produce more hair. If the attending physician chooses the wrong wavelength and you have darker skin, for instance, the laser can focus on some of your skin cells instead, leading to burns and potential scarring.

    Types of Lasers

    There are generally three types of lasers used for the laser hair removal process in Laguna Woods. The Alexandrite, the Diode and the Nd:YAG lasers are all FDA-approved and used most frequently for laser hair removal procedures. The Ruby laser is another that may be used, as it was one of the first lasers invented for laser hair removal, but its short wavelength limits its use to very fair skinned clients. If you have tanned or darker skin, your doctor may choose the Nd:YAG laser, which has the longest wavelength and therefore poses less risk to your skin’s cells.

    Do Your Homework

    Before you choose a doctor or a medical spa in Laguna Woods for your laser hair removal, be sure to research the equipment they have available. Call the office and ask what lasers they use, and do your own research to discover what skin types with which these lasers work well. You can then schedule an appointment or consultation with the physician, and ask about his or her experience treating your skin type. Be sure to have a clear picture of the procedure, the lasers and the potential side effects before agreeing. Once you feel satisfied with a doctor and the technology, you can begin the process of ridding yourself of unwanted hair.

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