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  • Laser Hair Removal San Francisco | Laser Treatments

    Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair from any part of a body using a laser, which is an intense beam of heated light. The laser will penetrate the skin to an individual hair follicle, and the heat of the laser will damage the hair follicle and will therefore resuly in inhibited hair growth. Of all the providers that offer laser hair removal in San Francisco, LaserAway uses the most technologically advanced and safe methods to assist in the removal of unwanted or unsightly body hair.

    Many movie stars have regular hair laser removal treatments to remove unsightly facial hair such as female mustaches and side burns, which when finished, facial hair removal enhances the facial features ensuring personal confidence. All females have hair growing in places where they would not like it to be, and many opt for the laser hair removal treatment as an affordable luxury alternative way of permanently removing it. Hair removal is not only confined to women, many men now receive this type of hair removal treatment for unwanted hair on backs, chest and shoulders.

    Although laser hair removal will undoubtedly reduce hair growth, it may take several sessions to ensure of a hair growth free period, and periodic hair growth treatments may also be necessary. Removal of hair from the upper lip may only take a few minutes, whereas larger areas to receive the laser treatment may take a few hours. This type of laser treatment does not require any overnight hospital stays, it is a quick and relatively simple treatment which may produce redness around the treated area for a few hours with a stinging sensation possibly lasting for one or two days.

    Laser hair removal in San Francisco is carried out by qualified professionals with experience in cosmetic laser treatments. The medical professional may need to review the medical history of a client before laser hair removal is offered, to ensure that no skin ailments or medication use will affect the laser hair removal treatment.

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