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    Laser Hair Removal Phoenix

    Laser Hair Removal Phoenix

    After opening locations all over California, LaserAway has started expanding to other states in the US.  Now with a location in Arizona you can find laser hair removal services in Phoenix! Laser hair removal Phoenix services will leave your skin looking and feeling smooth.


    Why Do I Need Laser Hair Removal Phoenix?

    Males and females at one point or another have encountered feelings of embarrassment or self-consciousness because of unsightly hair on their body or face, or have had to deal with the painstaking (and sometimes painful) process of removing hair. Some of the most popular, yet potentially painful and less effective methods:

    • Laser Hair Removal PhoenixWaxing – this can be a painful method, and may also leave skin red and irritated afterwards. Though it removes hair at the root, the laser hair removal process can produce the same results with far less discomfort.
    • Shaving – only cuts the hair close to the skin, stubble can re-appear within hours, giving you a noticeable “five o’clock shadow.” With shaving you also risk cutting yourself and getting an infection, razor burn, skin irritation, or ingrown hairs; and razor blades need to be replaced periodically because they become dull with use, which over time can be very costly.
    • Tweezing – another popular form or hair removal, but it is one of the more tedious systems if you are plucking more than a few hairs. Tweezing hair can also be an uncomfortable method, since you are yanking the hair out of the skin.

    At LaserAway we use cutting edge technology and professionally trained staff to target and eliminate the body hair. The process is easy and many patients see amazing results where body hair stops growing back after a just a few treatments.

    How Does Your Laser Hair Removal Process Work?

    Laser Hair Removal Phoenix
    LaserAway uses top of the line lasers to execute the laser hair removal procedure. The laser shoots out short pulses of intense light, which target the hair follicle pigment and destroy the follicle at the root. We know we are the best laser hair removal experts because of what we provide:

    • Registered nurses and highly trained professional staff
    • Comfortable and relaxing environment
    • Quality laser equipment
    • Great laser hair removal prices

    What Areas of my Body Can I Have the Laser Hair Removal Procedure Performed on?

    Due to the fact that the lasers do not cause damage to your skin, the laser hair removal process can be executed on almost any part of the body. Body areas we regularly remove hair from are:

    • Laser Hair Removal PhoenixFace – The chin, upper lip, and area between the eyebrows are some of the more popular areas people wish to have hair eliminated from.
    • Legs – shaving legs can be a time consuming process, and razor burn can be very unsightly under a skirt!  Women usually undergo this procedure, but it is available for anyone.
    • Bikini – Arizona is known for their hot climate, meaning a lot of people spend time around the pool year-round, not just in the summer. Laser hair removal Phoenix will keep your bikini line hair-free, making you feel great about soaking up some sun with friends.
    • Underarm – many women shave their underarm area, but it is quite common to end up with ingrown hairs, painful razor burn, and sometimes even cysts when using this method. Our lasers are gentle enough to remove hair from this sensitive area without leaving long-term discomfort!
    • Chest, Back, Abs – while any of these areas are available for laser hair removal on women, these parts of the body are usually targeted for hair removal by men. Some men feel very self-conscious about body hair and wish to have a smooth chest and abdominal appearance, or they have excessive back hair and wish to remove it.

    Does LaserAway offer Services other than Laser Hair Removal?

    Yes! LaserAway provides a variety of skin-beautifying services and Laser Hair Removal Phoenix, as well as at our other locations. Some of what we offer:

    • Dermal Fillers – Juve’derm, Restylane, Radiesse
    • Laser Tatoo Removal
    • Body Shaping – Thermage NTX
    • Anti-Aging Procedure – Botox Cosmetic
    • Facials and Facial Care – Photofacials, Prevage MD, Avage

    Ready to schedule your appointment or do you have a question? Feel free to call or e-mail us, or fill out the online form on our website to schedule your free consultation!

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