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  • San Francisco | Laser Hair Removal

    1878 Union Street,
    San Francisco, CA 94123
    (415) 563-7300

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    Laser Hair Removal San Francisco

    Laser hair removal San Francisco is becoming increasingly more popular.  More and more people are realizing that they can have hairless skin without shaving or waxing. Laser technology has improved dramatically over the past decade and LaserAway remains on the cutting edge of the latest technology.

    We also pride ourselves on hiring the most experienced medical staff in the industry so that each session you can be confident that you are receiving the most efficient treatment possible.  Our number one priority is making sure that laser hair removal San Francisco is executed flawlessly.

    Our services for laser hair removal San Francisco are open to anyone in the greater San Francisco area – including the East Bay and San Jose.

    What We Do & How We Do It

    Laser Hair Removal San Francisco - LaserAwayFor starters, all treatments are performed by licensed medical professionals with extensive training in the field.  Each client that comes in will receive a treatment plan that is specific to his or her skin type.  This treatment plan is the result of studying 6 years and over 100,000 performed treatments.  Everybody that comes into one of our facilities can expect:

    • The world’s best laser hair removal technology.
    • A safe and effective treatment regimen.
    • Trained medical professionals.
    • An environmentally friendly digital treatment charting process.
    • Great results and San Francisco’s best prices.

    Our record speaks for itself

    Laser Hair Removal San Francisco - LaserAway

    We are confident that you will be incredibly happy with the results you receive, for we stand on solid ground when it comes to our work, clients and standards. Simply put, we want to make our clients happy and that is it.

    We believe that your experience with us is going to be life changing because the work we do produces long-lasting results. This goes for all of our procedures for those who are looking for other cosmetic treatments outside of laser hair removal San Francisco:

    • Anti-aging Procedures
    • Skin Rejuvenation
    • Body Contouring
    • Dermal Fillers
    • Tattoo Removal

    Treatments For Everybody

    Laser Hair Removal San Francisco - LaserAway

    The thing that we are most proud of is our clientele. We have a spectacularly diverse clientele list, which contains everything from A-list celebrities to active duty military.  Laser hair removal San Francisco is a passion that we cherish, so we have taken more than enough time to perfect our craft. You will see this through the work we perform on you.

    Where To Find Us

    We perform all of our procedures for laser hair removal San Francisco in state-of-the-art facilities, so you are going to have a comfortable and pleasant experience. Furthermore, since our 12 facilities are scattered throughout California, you should be able to find a convenient location no matter where you find yourself. Laser hair removal San Francisco is something that we care deeply about, and it shows in our work.

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