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    How Does Coolsculpting Work?

    Video Transcription Dr. Kirby: My name is Doctor Will Kirby. I’m a board-certified dermatologist and I’m the National Medical director at LaserAway. Coolsculpting is the newest technology available at LaserAway. The way it works, cryolipolysis. READ MORE…

    Contour Your Body with Velashape

    Video Transcription Melanie: Hi, my name is Melanie, and today I’m at LaserAway for my fourth treatment of VelaShape. I’m getting VelaShape because I work out in the gym five days a week. I eat READ MORE…

    Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment

    VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION Lauren: Hi, welcome to Laser Away, and thank you for trusting us with your Clear + Brilliant treatment. You are on your way to gorgeous and radiant skin. Laser Away is proud to READ MORE…

    Thermage Skin Tightening

    VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION Jessica: Hi, everyone. I’m Jessica Parido. I’m on a show called the Shahs of Sunset, and I’m also a Registered Nurse. I’m here today at LaserAway Pasadena to try Thermage for the very READ MORE…

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