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  • Exercise for Beautiful Skin

    Video Transcription

    Hi, ladies. It’s Annie Parker, nutritionist and IFBB bikini pro here at LaserAway. I’m going to be telling you how exercise can help improve your skin just in time for bikini season. For starters, exercise helps to increase blood flow to the skin cells. This helps to ensure that the skin cells are getting vital oxygen and nutrients that it needs. But it’s also taking away the free radicals from the cells. So, in a way, this is kind of like washing your face and skin from within.

    The second way that exercise beautifies your skin is by de-stressing you. Everyone knows that stress is horrible for your skin. Not only does it make age faster, but studies have also shown that it increases oil production. So exercise,
    de-stress, and have a nice clear complexion. Lastly, exercise obviously helps tone the muscles. And while this might not have a direct effect on your skin, there’s no denying that toning up everywhere will create a firmness that gives a better overall look. Take it from me.

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