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  • Full Laser Facial Procedure

    Video transcription

    Nicole: Hi, I’m Nicole, and I’m at LaserAway in West Hollywood, and today I’m going to get a laser facial.

    Attendant: Stick those over your eyes. This is to protect your eyes from the laser. So we’re going to be doing a laser facial now on Nicole. And laser facials are for reducing pore size, helping with fine lines, stimulating collagen production, helping with acne, acne scarring. So it’s a great treatment. It’s very fast and painless.

    Now we’re going to do your forehead so turn towards me. Great. Here we go. This might be a little bit more sensitive because the forehead is a bit bonier than all the other areas. So just let me know. What’s the pain level here?

    Nicole: It actually is even less uncomfortable.

    Attendant: Oh, okay. Good.

    Nicole: So I’m not even [inaudible 01:05] good there.

    Attendant: Excellent. So there’s no downtime with this procedure. Like I said, you just stay pink for an hour to a few hours. There’s no peeling like a snake, like a chemical peel.

    Nicole: Yeah.

    Attendant: So it’s great. You can go on with your day.

    Nicole: And how long do I have to wait before I could put my tinted moisturizer on or makeup on?

    Attendant: You can apply makeup and moisturizer right after the treatment. I’m actually going to have you go wash your face. You can apply aloe and then sunscreen, and on top of that you can apply your makeup. You are going to stay away from any chemical lotions or anything for acne for two to three days after treatment to be safe. Okay, let’s do your chin now. Tongue over your bottom teeth this time. Excellent. You okay here?

    Nicole: Mm-hmm.

    Attendant: You okay?

    Nicole: Mm-hmm.

    Attendant: Okay. Good. You are all done. How was that treatment? Let me remove the stickers from your eyes so you can see. Doing okay?

    Nicole: Yep.

    Attendant: Excellent. How does your face feel?

    Nicole: Just feels warm.

    Attendant: Good. Perfect end point. You’re just slightly pink, which is exactly what we want to see. Okay?

    Nicole: So I just got done getting my first laser facial, which is awesome. I didn’t even know that they could do that with lights and there was no pain, no discomfort. It felt like when you get that warm towel on your face in the beginning of a facial. I already feel a little rejuvenated, and we just finished.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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