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  • Waxing

    Waxing is one hair removal option for unwanted body or facial hair. Wax hair removal involves applying a warm wax product to the skin in the direction of the hair growth. A strip of fabric or paper is placed on top of the warm wax. Then the strip is pulled off quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth, thus pulling out the hairs from their roots. Some waxes are designed to harden on the skin and be pulled off without strips of cloth or paper. In either case, the removal of hair can be painful and cause reddening of the skin.

    The results of wax hair removal can last up to six weeks. Then it must be an adequate length to be pulled out again through the process described above. This means there is a period of time where the skin is not smooth because the hair is growing out in preparation for another wax treatment.

    Wax hair removal can be done at home with over the counter wax kits or it can be done by a professional in a salon or spa.

    Wax hair removal produces longer lasting smoothness than shaving, but the hairs can grow back in as little as two weeks. If a person attempts waxing at home, he or she could might not remove hairs completely or cause them to break rather than come out by the root. Broken hairs will grow back more quickly.

    Salons and spas offering wax services must adhere to sanitary hair removal procedures to avoid spreading skin conditions from client to client. These procedures include using fresh wax strips, applicators, and wax containers for each client. Professionals or individuals performing wax hair removal should also be aware of skin conditions or injuries that will make waxing more painful or cause the skin to become red or scabby.

    A longer lasting alternative to waxing is laser hair removal. It is virtually painless to most patients and the results can be permanent. Consider LaserAway if you are looking for only the best quality laser hair removal services.

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