Laser Hair Removal

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

I’m considering laser hair removal, but I’m afraid it will hurt. How bad is the pain?


Laser hair removal certainly doesn’t hurt as much as waxing! And it’s way faster than waxing too. Depending on the area being treated, many people say laser hair removal feels like tiny pinpricks. The amount of pain you might feel also depends on your level of pain tolerance. Don’t worry, though — there are ways to manage whatever discomfort you might feel.
During the first few treatments, you’ll likely experience a stinging sensation with each laser pulse. You may also feel more pain in sensitive areas such as the underarms or bikini region. But even then, most people find the pain tolerable (unlike, say, the horrendous pain caused by waxing the bikini area). A lot of people compare the pain to the feeling of having a rubber band snapped against the skin, and many note a reduction in pain with each subsequent treatment as the hair becomes sparser.

If you’re particularly sensitive to pain, the technician can apply a topical anesthetic cream. But topical medications need to be used with great caution. If they are applied over a large surface area or are somehow occluded, such as if the area is covered with plastic wrap, the body can absorb too much of the medication, which can be dangerous. Happily, most lasers have a built-in cooling system that helps to reduce pain and residual heat.

Some other temporary side effects you might experience include swelling, redness, hyperpigmentation, and blistering. You might also feel like you’ve spent too much time in the sun after each laser hair removal session, meaning your skin will feel tender to the touch. Your technician will likely tell you to be extra mindful of the treated area for the twenty-four hours following the session. This usually means refraining from exfoliating the area, dousing it in hot water, and exposing it to excessive sweat through exercise.

The long and short of it? That there’s really nothing to fear with laser hair removal. The amazing results you’ll realize are well worth the little bit of pain you might experience.


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