Laser Hair Removal

Is Laser Hair Removal More Painful Than Waxing?

Is laser hair removal more painful than waxing?

The short answer? No.

Laser hair removal isn’t more painful than waxing–but it is more uncomfortable than using depilatory creams or tweezing. Most people compare the pain caused by laser hair removal to that of a rubber band being snapped against their skin—which isn’t that bad, really. And unlike with waxing, the technician can apply a topical anesthetic cream to the region prior to the laser hair removal session. This is particularly helpful if you’re sensitive to pain or are having a sensitive area treated.

Sounds great, but you’re likely wondering, “How else does laser hair removal stack up against waxing?”

Laser hair removal doesn’t remove hair right away. Roughly ten percent of hair is removed after every appointment, and you’re not allowed to wax while undergoing laser hair removal sessions. If you do decide to undergo laser hair removal, you’ll have to let your hair grow for six months to a year. But the good news is that once you’re done with a series of treatments, you’ll never have to look at another tub of wax again.

Laser hair removal is significantly more expensive than waxing. A full series of Brazilian laser hair removal sessions can run up to $2,000, whereas a Brazilian wax tops out around $80. But, if you do the math, laser hair removal is more economical in the long run. $2,000 of laser hair removal over one year equals about three years of waxing every six weeks. Most of us have been waxing regularly for more than three years, so laser hair removal definitely adds up in the end.


Now that we’ve established laser hair removal is far superior to waxing, the next question is: what can you expect during your first session? First off, the length of a laser hair removal procedure depends on the size of the treatment area, meaning a session can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Before the actual laser hair removal session, you’ll be given protective eye gear and an elective topical anesthetic. Once the session begins, you’ll feel a stinging sensation, indicating that the laser has been activated. The actual session involves a series of laser pulses that results in a prickling and burning sensation, but as discussed before, it’s not too painful. Most laser systems also have a built-in cooling device to reduce discomfort as well.

After your laser hair removal session, you may experience temporary swelling and redness. You might also feel like you’ve spent too much time in the sun, so your skin is likely to feel tender to the touch. You should avoid direct sun exposure, and wear sunblock with a high SPF for several weeks afterward.

Laser hair removal might seem more painful than it’s worth, but it definitely isn’t. And think, too, once you’ve undergone three to six laser hair removal sessions, you won’t have to worry about unwanted hair ever again—which can’t be said for waxing.

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