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How To Make Hands Look Younger?

Can You Make Your Hands Look Younger?

Short answer? Yes, absolutely.

And if you have hands that are wrinkled and covered with age spots, don’t worry – it’s incredibly common among older women. In fact, hands are the first place where signs of aging appear. This makes sense if you consider how often hands are exposed to the elements – just think of how many times you wash your hands a day, and how often you apply sunblock and hand cream to your hands (you probably don’t, if you’re like most people).

We’re here to tell you everything you need to know to make your hands look younger, including all the latest non-invasive resurfacing techniques.

Caring for Your Hands at Home

The first step to preventing your hands from prematurely aging, even more, is to nurture them every single day.

You should apply sunblock to your hands, just like the rest of your exposed areas, before going out into the sun. This will help prevent hands from forming wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Because you use your hands for virtually everything, it’s important to moisturize them on a daily basis. Good moisturizers can help prevent or treat dry skin on your hands.

Look for these ingredients when buying a hand cream:

  • Humectants like glycerin and alpha hydroxyl acids draw moisture from the air around you into your skin, providing ultra-moisturizing properties.
  • Emollients replace oils that have been washed away to make the skin smoother.
  • Natural oils. Natural oils like Shea butter, avocado oil, and coconut oil ensure that hand creams actually seal in and help retain moisture.

You’ll want to apply hand cream morning and night, and anytime your hands feel dry.

Want Younger, Smoother Hands? Check Out These Resurfacing Treatments

If you’re serious about achieving younger, smoother looking hands, then you should check out these three med spa treatments – Thermage, IPL photo facials, and fractional skin resurfacing.

Thermage Hand Treatment

Thermage, a safe, non-invasive procedure that utilizes radiofrequency technology, helps smooth and improve skin for an overall youthful appearance. Most ideal for hands with loose skin, Thermage is able to tighten and thicken the crepe-like skin that develops on hands over time. Best of all, only one Thermage treatment is required to obtain significantly younger-looking hands.

How does Thermage work? Thermage works from the inside out. It transfers heat to the epidermis, which not only encourages collagen production but also tightens existing collagen. Thermage effects this partly through radiofrequency technology, which produces electrical currents that cause collagen within the skin to contract and gradually reform. This is why most individuals experience dramatic tightening and smoothing of the skin over the six months following treatment. Since the outer layers of the skin are unaffected, there is almost no recovery time involved. The most amazing thing of all? Results from a single Thermage treatment tend to last up to ten years!

Though some patients notice immediate results after a single treatment, most typically experience dramatic results in the two to six months following treatment as collagen slowly starts to regrow and remodel.

IPL Photo Facials For Your Hands

Yes, IPL photo facials can be used on hands, too! Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments target red and brown pigmentation, destroying abnormal cells, and lightening age spots, freckles, and redness. IPL also promotes collagen growth, diminishes scars, and enhances skins’ overall complexion. Most individuals see significant improvement in their hands’ texture and tone in as little as two treatments.

How do IPL photo facials work?  IPL photo facials work by using a broad-spectrum light source that penetrates multiple layers of skin. This type of photo facial primarily targets the lower layers of skin (dermis) while leaving the top layers of skin (epidermis) unaffected. The heat generated from the light promotes healing of the skin within, treating a number of different dermatological issues.

IPL photo facial treatments call for five treatment sessions spaced three weeks apart to obtain desired results. In some cases, those results can be seen after only the first treatment! And skin continues to improve with each successive treatment.

Fractional Skin Resurfacing For Your Hands

Fractional laser resurfacing removes the outer layers of skin to a predetermined depth in order to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, correct uneven pigmentation, and generate new collagen. Fractional skin resurfacing is an excellent option if you want fuller, firmer, and smoother skin on your hands.

How does fractional skin resurfacing work? Fractional skin resurfacing gently resurfaces the top layer of the dermis by creating millions of microscopic treatment zones in the skin. This not only stimulates collagen production but also encourages the surrounding skin to replace itself with healthier tissue.

Fractional skin resurfacing is clinically proven to improve the appearance of age spots, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines on hands.

Let LaserAway Give You Younger Looking Hands

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