Laser Hair Removal

Waxing vs. Laser Hair Removal

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When it comes to removing unwanted hair along your bikini line and elsewhere, waxing is a popular choice. It’s familiar and safe. And its results tend to last longer than those of shaving.

Waxing works by uprooting hairs from their follicle. Ouch! Right?

Thankfully, you have another option: laser hair removal. It’s pulsed light destroys a hair’s root down to its follicle. And it can work virtually anywhere on your body. After just three to six treatments you will see a permanent reduction of unwanted hair of up to 90%.

So in terms of the experience, results, and cost, is it better to wax or to have hair removed by laser? Here’s some information on each of those points. It can help guide your decision.


The discomfort of waxing comes with the removal. The wax is peeled up, removing the hairs embedded in it as it goes along. This can smart, and the waxed areas can be irritated for days afterwards.

The discomfort of laser hair removal comes with the laser’s firing. Many laser hair removal clients have found the experience quite tolerable. They say it feels like a rubber band snapped against their skin. And the sensation only lasts a few seconds. Plus, a laser hair removal technician will offer you a topical numbing agent to ease any discomfort. No such agent is offered with waxing.


The result of waxing tend to last only a few weeks. Waxing pulls hairs out at the root. The wax is applied, and then torn off quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. Wax can’t grab hair that is too short. This means that if you want to see best results you must grow your unwanted hair to at least half an inch before your waxing session. Waxing’s results tend to last only a few weeks; you’ll need to wax again and again.

The results of laser hair removal are permanent. It’ll take a few sessions to see them. But once you’ve gotten the amount of hair reduction you want, you’ll just need maintenance sessions once or twice a year. You’ll never have to wax or shave again!


Regular waxing sessions can add up to thousands of dollars over your lifetime. And you’ll need them as long as you’re interested in staying free of unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal costs up to a few hundred dollars per session, but you only four to six sessions. It’s clear, then, that laser hair removal is the most economical method of removing unwanted hair.

Ax the wax and visit LaserAway

Laser hair removal costs more up front. But compared to a lifetime of waxing, it ends up saving you money. Results won’t come for a few months. But when they do, they’re permanent. Most clients find laser hair removal to be more comfortable than waxing. Plus, you have the option of receiving a topical anesthetic.

The answer is clear: Laser hair removal is better than waxing!

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