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  • Laser Hair Removal Treatment for the Bikini Area

    Video transcription

    Natalie: Okay. So we’re going to bring your knee out here, and we’re going to start on the bikini line, Okay? And then we’ll move on to the upper leg. Here we go. What’s the pain level here? One out of five?

    A: Five.

    Natalie: Five?

    A: Yeah.

    Natalie: Does this help?

    A: Yes.

    Natalie: The tapping? What’s the pain level now?

    A: Like a three.

    Natalie: Let me know if it ever gets higher than a five, Okay? Okay. Relax this leg, I’m going to do bikini line on that side.

    A: That was so fast.

    Natalie: Yeah, it’s a very fast procedure. … You Okay here?

    A: Yes. So when you do laser on your bikini line, do you typically experience any bumps after, any kind of like rash in that area?

    Natalie: No, no you shouldn’t. If anything it helps, like, if you get…what is it called?

    A: Razor burn?

    Natalie: If you get razor burn or from waxing, people get ingrown hairs. It helps bring the hair out to the surface.

    A: Yes. So I just finished my first treatment in my bikini line and my upper legs for laser hair removal, and I’m so excited that I can walk away without the discomfort that I usually get from waxing or even shaving. Natalie told me that I’m not even going to have any kind of bumps or redness. Maybe a little redness but I usually get really glad ingrowns and razor burns so I’m just really excited that I don’t have to deal with that. Yeah, it’s exciting.

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