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why Laser Tattoo Removal at laseraway Indianapolis?

That night in college. Your crazy ex. That time you were “going through a phase”. We all have regrets, but if yours are in the form of an unwanted tattoo, we’ve got you covered. Laser Tattoo Removal is quick, easy and noninvasive thanks to our advanced laser technology. Here’s just a few reasons we love it…

• Targets your ink while leaving surrounding areas unaffected
• Leaves your skin looking uniform & natural
• Is noninvasive & non-surgical
• Works on all skin types
• Produces dramatic results with multiple sessions

*Results and patient experience may vary. We do not offer tattoo removal treatments on the face.


While we know you want to ditch that ink like yesterday, Laser Tattoo Removal is a gradual process that depends largely on your tattoo’s location, depth, density and ink colors. For example, black ink is the easiest for our lasers to target, whereas colored ink can be a bit more complicated. When you come in for your free consultation, one of our specialists will walk you through the process and help determine the predicted number of treatments your tattoo is expected to take to fade or remove.

Don’t take our word for it

Here’s what our patients have to say about their experience.

Influencer quote about Laser Tattoo Removal experience at Laser Away
“I got my 7th Laser Tattoo Removal done and the tattoo has faded so much, I’m excited to see the results! They numb you so it’s painless and I’m not left with more scars because they are so careful, especially with tan skin like mine.”
- Melissa Riso,
Influencer quote about Laser Tattoo Removal experience at Laser Away
“My Laser Tattoo Removal yesterday at LaserAway was a success. It was as smooth as always and the new laser was far quicker and less painful.”
- Kevin McNamara,
Influencer quote about Laser Tattoo Removal experience at Laser Away
“Removing my tattoos on my arms at LaserAway was such a smooth easy, quick process and honestly hurts WAY less than everyone had made me believe.”
- Jazzelle Zanaughtti,
Influencer quote about Laser Tattoo Removal experience at Laser Away
“If there’s one thing I’ve learned...don’t get another person’s initials tattooed on you. And if you do, LaserAway’s got you covered.”
- Narmin Assria,
Laser Tattoo Removal


You’ll start your tattoo removal experience with a free consultation with one of our specialists. During this time, they will assess your tattoo’s location, depth, density and color to predict approximately how many treatments are expected for your tattoo to fade or be removed.

Laser Tattoo Removal


At the beginning of your appointment, your clinician will apply an anesthetic cream to the area of your tattoo and provide you with protective eye gear. Once the anesthetic cream starts doing its thing, your clinician will get to work, using the laser to deliver pulses to the tattoo’s pigment. Is it painful? It can be a bit uncomfortable but most people find it totally tolerable—it’s often described as a sensation similar to a rubber band snapping against your skin, plus your clinician will use a cooling device for added comfort during the procedure. The amount of laser pulses depends on the tattoo’s size, but most treatment sessions only last a few minutes.

Once your treatment is over, you’ll need to begin the post-care process right away. Get a full rundown of what that looks like (plus what you need to do before your treatments) below!

Laser Tattoo Removal

HOW LASER TATTOO REMOVAL WORKS at laseraway Indianapolis

So glad you asked! Laser Tattoo Removal is pretty simple—our lasers use light and heat to selectively break up and disperse tattoo pigment while leaving surrounding areas unaffected, a process called selective photothermolysis.

Laser Tattoo Removal works by targeting pigment colors in the skin’s dermis, which lies deep in the dermis layer of your skin. The tattoo pigments absorb the laser’s beam, breaking up into tiny fragments. Your body then naturally absorbs these fragments and eliminates them.

We use state-of-the-art dual wavelength Q-switch lasers that produce light pulses of extremely high peak power. Because Q-switch lasers are so precise and intense, tattoo pigments fragment instantly, and the surrounding tissue is spared.

As the nation’s leader in Laser Hair Removal, we have over 15 years of experience and have performed over 3 million treatments to date, so rest assured you’re in good hands! We only use state-of-the-art technology for our treatments, so you can expect truly unparalleled results.

And the team behind the treatments? Second to none. Our clinics are supervised by board-certified dermatologists, and treatments are implemented by registered nurses, physician associates, and nurse practitioners who undergo one of the most comprehensive training programs in the business. Ready to treat with the best?
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Laser Tattoo Removal
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Laser Tattoo Removal
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