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  • Laser Hair Removal and Immediate Gratification

    If you’ve endured the pain of waxing and the effort of shaving constantly to remove hair, you understand that though there is effort involved, you have immediate results. Hair is removed from your site. It grows back, usually faster than you’d like, but it is gone for a short amount of time. Perhaps you prefer this type of immediate gratification. You’d rather spend hours upon hours of your life shaving or otherwise removing hair from your body than spend a few sessions over the course of a few months to have permanent hair reduction. If you are that type of person, then read no further. But, if you are tired of laboring over your legs with a razor, risking cuts, bumps and falling over in the shower, read on to find out more about laser hair removal in Marina Del Ray.

    Permanent? Really?

    Permanent is a long time. As in forever. Concrete is often thought of as a permanent building material, but even it degrades over time. However, it does last a long time, which is how laser hair removal works. You can enjoy hair reduction for decades in Marina Del Ray, which is a great deal longer than the few days you enjoy between shaving.

    What’s the Process Like?

    In contrast to shaving or self-waxing, you don’t do a thing while you are undergoing a laser hair removal treatment in Marina Del Ray or elsewhere. You will be given a pair of glasses to protect your eyes from the laser (not wearing them can damage your eyes, so keep them on!), they may also put a lotion or gel on your skin and begin the process. The lasers do all the work. They penetrate skin and find the dark melanin pigment in the hair shafts, heating them up to destroy the follicle’s growth ability. You will feel mild discomfort, like a rubber band snapping against the skin. It’s not as harsh as waxing, but it’s not entirely pain free.

    Is the Hair Gone on the First Try?

    How much hair is in a given area, its color and its density will affect the rate of hair removal. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 10 to 25 percent of hair is removed with each session. You will need several sessions to achieve optimal results. This isn’t instant gratification, remember? It’s not a marathon either, but more like a 10K race in Marina Del Ray. You see, hair has a few phases and laser hair removal only works when hair is in its growth phase. Your doctor in Marina Del Ray will suggest several sessions spaced out over a few months to ensure all the hair in a given area is hit at the appropriate time.

    Try LaserAway

    If you live in the Marina Del Ray area, your source for the best laser hair removal is LaserAway. With several offices in the Los Angeles and Southern California area, LaserAway provides experience with cutting-edge technology. Call 888-423-9233 for more information.


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