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  • Laser Hair Removal San Diego

    Laser hair removal is a fast growing medical procedure that enhances the appearance of both men and women. Unwanted facial hair can be removed within a matter of minutes, leaving a smoother, and more idealistic vision of beauty than ever before. As well as removing unsightly facial hair, laser hair removal at our convenient San Diego location can improve your confidence and let you to shine.

    Laser hair removal treatments involve the use of a modern laser, which is a vibrating, intense beam of light. The laser will pass through the layers of skin and directly onto each hair follicle, which will damage the follicle itself and inhibit future growth. Several sessions of laser hair removal in San Diego may be necessary to prolong periods of time where there may be limited or no hair growth.

    Popular laser hair removal treatments for women include upper lip hair removal and side burn hair removal. Upper lip treatments can take approximately five minutes, whereas other treatments can take longer depending on the size of the area. Many movie stars have regular facial laser hair removal treatments allowing them to always look fantastic for the cameras.

    Male laser hair removal techniques can involve the removal of unwanted back hair. Back hair on men is considered the ugliest hair growth by women, and many men have laser hair removal treatments on their backs, especially before going on vacation. Chest laser hair removal over a period of time can completely reduce hair growth, letting the chest area be clean and free of hair for months at a time.

    All San Diego laser hair removal treatments are carried out by professional and qualified technicians. Some redness after each treatment will occur, but will fade within hours, and a stinging sensation may be felt for one or two days after treatment. After hair removal treatments, it is strongly recommended not to expose treated areas to sunlight or tanning beds for approximately one week.

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