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  • Lasers Lead To Longer Lasting Results

    Technology is moving towards permanent hair removal – something that everyone could benefit from. However, until permanent hair removal is a reality, laser hair removal gives results that are as close to permanent hair removal as possible. Laser hair removal is even FDA-approved to provide safe, semi-permanent hair removal results – something your razors and waxes will never be able to claim.

    Laser hair removal is typically offered in a doctor’s office or med-spa setting. Prices vary based on where you have the procedure done, how big of an area you want treated and how many sessions it takes to give the desired results. Most skin and hair types are eligible for laser hair removal, but it is important to discuss with a laser hair removal technician what results you can expect for your specific hair and skin type. While you may not experience permanent hair removal, you should find after just a few sessions that your skin stays smoother longer than with traditional hair removal methods.

    LaserAway offers Californians twelve different locations with award-winning laser hair removal services. Each new LaserAway customer is treated to a complimentary consultation where he or she will discuss with a trained technician what to expect and how laser hair removal can provide almost permanent hair removal for most people. You will find every member of LaserAway’s staff professional, courteous and attentive. Plus, LaserAway uses only the latest in laser hair removal technology, so you can always feel confident that your laser hair removal results will be unrivaled by anyone else in the industry.

    For more information about the LaserAway center nearest you, visit will be able to sign up for your free consultation and review current promotions online, too. Permanent hair removal may not be available just yet, but doesn’t months free of unwanted body hair sound too good not to pass up? Visit LaserAway today to learn more about the innovative and effective technology behind laser hair removal, and how you too can benefit from this affordable solution to your hair removal needs.

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