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    Living in a beach town like Cardiff-By-The-Sea gives you plenty of reason to show some skin. Excessive hair growth, however, can put a damper on your bathing suit plans. Shaving and waxing take time and effort, and must be done often to enjoy their benefits. If you live in the Cardiff-By-The-Sea area, why not consider laser hair removal? It’s an effective, permanent way to remove hair, relieving you of the aggravation and complications of shaving or waxing.

    Why Would I Want To Do That?

    Who really likes shaving? Answer honestly. You have to buy razors, shaving cream, lather up, exfoliate, moisturize and actually shave sometimes large areas of your body multiple times per week. Yes you can achieve smooth skin, but it takes a lot of time, effort and money. Plus, you might have to run home to shave before you can hit the beach. Laser hair removal reduces the hassle and lets you enjoy more spontaneous Cardiff-By-The-Sea moments.

    About the Procedure

    Laser hair removal is actually a series of sessions with a laser specifically designed to target the pigment in your hair follicles. The laser causes the hair follicle to heat up, disrupting its ability to grow. Complete hair removal takes a few sessions; the size of the area and thickness of your hair will determine how many sessions you need, though four to seven is typical. Your doctor will spread these sessions out to ensure all the hairs are targeted while they are in a growth phase – the laser doesn’t work on hair in its resting state.


    As with all procedures, there are limitations. Because the lasers only work on pigment, lighter colored hair or grey hair doesn’t respond well and typically grows back after treatment. Patients with coarse, thick hair can also experience more re-growth, though the hair is often finer. These patients may need more sessions, as well as annual maintenance visits to keep hair growth reduced permanently.

    Potential Areas for Laser Hair Removal

    You might be wondering just where these lasers best remove hair. Fortunately for people living near Cardiff-By-The-Sea, laser hair removal works on most areas of the body. You can choose to remove hair from your legs, underarms, bikini area, back, chest, arms and even the face. Check with your physician to find out more about laser hair removal.


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