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  • Girl Talk About Laser Hair Removal

    Video transcription

    Female 1: I had my little sideburns done. It was so fast and so painless.

    Female 2: It didn’t hurt at all or anything?

    Female 1: No, not at all. Then I had my underarms . . . did you have your underarms done, too?

    Female 2: I had my underarms done. That’s the most sensitive area ever.

    Female 1: How was that for you?

    Female 2: I was blown away how quick it was. I was like . . .

    Female 1: Did you like the air?

    Female 2: I’m like . . . she, “How’s it feel?” I’m like, “Go do it first. Let’s do this.” She’s like “I’m doing it.” Honestly it doesn’t feel like anything. I am a huge, huge wimp.

    Female 1: It’s amazing.

    Female 2: I just didn’t . . . it’s literally cold air on your armpits.

    Female 1: It’s very refreshing, especially when I got to my happy trail.

    Female 1: That’s it? We’re all done?

    Female 3: We’re all done.

    Female 1: No pain.

    Female 2: You did the happy trail, too?

    Female 1: Yes.

    Female 2: She did so many things. I’d recommend to my mother.

    Female 1: I’d recommend it to everyone.

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