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  • How To Prep For Laser Hair Removal With Cherry Dollface

    Video Transcription

    Hello, everybody. I am back today at Laser Away in Hermosa Beach, and I am here for my second laser hair removal treatment. I’m really excited. I’m actually already seeing results, which is awesome and scary because my hair has started growing back in patchy, which is super weird but also super exciting because it means it’s working. And I’m really excited. This video, I am going to tell you how to prepare if you are undergoing laser hair treatment.

    So one thing you want to do is avoid sun exposure for 10 days before your treatment and also avoid any creams or lotions that contain light reflecting particles for 10 days also. If you are taking any medications or antibiotics, let your medical staff know just in case there’s any sort of skin reactions that might happen. So a lot of people will try to take anti-inflammatories before their appointment. It really doesn’t hurt all that bad, but be sure to avoid ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve. You can take Tylenol. If you feel like you have to take something, take Tylenol. No Retinol products, so Retin-A, any of that stuff that you use for skin treatments. That you can’t take for three days prior to your appointment.

    And one thing that’s super, super important, for two weeks before your treatment, you can not pluck or wax the hair. And that is so the hair follicle grows back and there’s something for the laser to actually find and zap away. So if you’re plucking or waxing, there’s nothing really for the laser to destroy. So you want to make sure that you’re only shaving two weeks prior to your appointment.

    And the day of your appointment, you actually want to shave so that everything is clean. I learned the hard way the last time, and I had shaved my legs the night before my treatment. And I grow hair like an Italian woman and the next day, I had a sweet 5:00 shadow on my legs. And it hurt. You can feel the laser zapping when your hair isn’t totally shaved clean. So be sure to do it day of. If you come to Laser Away, they are super sweet, and they have baby wipes and razors and all the things that you need in the bathroom.

    If you’re getting your armpits done like I am doing, last time I didn’t wear deodorant because I wasn’t sure. You can wear deodorant, just make sure that you take it off before your treatment. Same thing with any creams or lotions that you put on your face beforehand, you want to take them away before you get your treatment done.

    And that is it. That’s all you need to prepare for your laser treatments. So, yeah, I’m real excited. Today’s going to be fun. I can’t wait for more of my hair to be gone forever.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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