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  • How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

    Video Transcription

    So how does Laser Hair Removal work? Well, to understand how Laser Hair Removal works, I’d like to discuss very briefly how typical hair removal methods work. So, with shaving or waxing, shaving simply removes the hair that you can see on the surface but it doesn’t affect the bulb. Waxing rips out the hair by the bulb but it doesn’t cause permanent reduction because that bulb still remains. So, needless to say, those are the most common ways to remove hair but they’re unbelievably temporary and, as you know, if you’ve ever shaved or waxed, you’re gonna have to do to it again pretty soon.

    Laser Hair Removal gives you a permanent result and the reason why? It destroys the hair bulb. Now, it’s important to understand the three phases of hair growth so you can understand how hair removal works. The first one is the anagen. Anagen is the traditional growth of hair. It just means the hair is in an active growing stage. Catagen means the hair is falling out. It’s when you shower and you might see a little bit of hair in your hands in the shower. And telogen is where it’s resting, it’s just sort of an in-between phase between the anagen – the growing – and the catagen, the falling out. So Laser Hair Removal targets that bulb in the anagen phase, meaning it selectively is looking to destroy that hair fiber, that hair shaft, that hair bulb when it’s actively growing. And, by removing that growing phase and destroying the bulb, you get a permanent hair reduction.

    So why doesn’t shaving permanently remove your hair? Well, obviously, you’re only removing the upper portion of the hair that is visible at the surface of the skin. It doesn’t get down to the bulb of the hair. Now, you might say, “Hey, Dr. Kirby [SP], but with waxing, I’m ripping out the bulb.” That’s absolutely true, but it doesn’t pull out those bottom cells. They’re literally stem cells at the bottom of the bulb. So you rip it out with waxing and you might get a little bit longer result in terms of maybe a week longer, but it’s not going to give you permanent removal. Laser Hair Removal selectively targets the bulb. Unlike shaving and unlike waxing, it permanently destroys the bulb and the hair in those stem cells which hair to grow.

    So Laser Hair Removal is, by far, the gold standard option if you want permanent hair reduction.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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