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  • Lower Leg Laser Hair Removal Treatment

    Video transcription

    Barbara: Hi, my name is Barbara. I work for Laser Away doing customer service. I’m here at the West Hollywood location to do a laser hair removal. I wanted to make this video to show you guys that it’s not painful at all, and anybody can do it. Anybody can handle it. I would love to have you guys come in. We have a special for first-time clients. It’s 50 percent off. So we look forward to seeing you very soon.

    Technician: You ready?

    Barbara: Yes, ready to go.

    Technician: OK. Here we go. What’s the pain level here, one out of ten?

    Barbara: On a scale up to ten, it’s about a one.

    Technician: Excellent. If at any point you’re feeling pain at a five or higher, can you please let me know?

    Barbara: Of course.

    Technician: Some patients tend to be more sensitive down by the ankles, because there’s not… It’s more bony.

    Barbara: Right.

    Technician: So if it does, please let me know.

    Barbara: OK.

    Technician: How would you compare this to waxing? Have you ever waxed before?

    Babara: Yeah. It’s… Honestly, there’s no comparison at all, because this has no pain.

    Technician: Good.

    Barbara: And with waxing it’s totally uncomfortable. It’s sticky. This is absolutely a million times better.

    Technician: Good. And you feel the cold air more than the laser. Right?

    Barbara: Yeah. It feel really good, the cold air.

    Technician: OK. How are you down here?

    Barbara: Good. I feel it a little bit more down here. I’d probably say it’s about a three.

    Technician: OK.

    Barbara: But still not bad at all.

    Technician: Not bad?

    Barbara: No.

    Technician: Does this help?

    Barbara: Oh, yeah. That does, actually.

    Technician: What’s your pain level right now, zero being no pain, ten being excruciating pain?

    Barbara: It’s about a one.

    Technician: One?

    Barbara: Yeah.

    Technician: OK. Almost done. You’re OK back here, yeah?

    Barbara: Yeah.

    Barbara: So as you guys can see, that was not painful at all. The thing that I felt the most was really the cold air blowing on my skin. So we hope you guys will come in and check us out. Visit our website,, for first-time discounts up to 50% off. We hope to see you soon.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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