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  • Sideburns Laser Hair Removal Treatment on an African American Woman

    Female 1: I love my parents tremendously, and I know they love me too. They were not considering me when they decided to reproduce. My father is extremely hairy, my mother is extremely hairy, their parents are extremely hairy. Therefore, I am extremely hairy. I shave my hands, my fingers. I shave my toes, I shave my arms, I thread my eyebrows and my upper lip. I Nair my lower back and I wax everything else.

    Today, I’m going to be doing laser hair removal on my sideburns. I’ve had these since birth, but I’ve been afraid to do anything with them because I didn’t want them to grow back thicker. Who want to be the female version of Elvis? The first thing the nurses at Laser Away made sure I did was wipe off any makeup that I might’ve had on my sideburns.

    Female 2: You okay?

    Female 1: Yeah.

    Female 2: Perfect. That’s all done.

    Female 1: Great. OK, Ladies, you just saw how quick and easy it is to get your sideburns done. 30 seconds; painless, and you’re out the door. Check it out at Laser Away.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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