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  • Underarm Laser Hair Removal Treatment on a Caucasian Women

    Video transcription

    Female 1: All right ladies. You’ve all heard about LaserAway hair removal, but I’m actually going to go around and show you the procedure. Let’s face it; none of us enjoy having facial hair, underarm hair, happy trails, bikini lines, none of that. It’s getting to a point where we’re sick and tired of having to use a razor, find a razor. Then these razors, honestly, they get rusty on you, they nick you, you’re using your boyfriend’s razor, he’s getting pissed. It happens to me all the time. The actual fears with having laser hair removal is the pain. I’m a total wimp, and my biggest concern was like, “Oh my god. This is going to hurt.”

    The first that you need to do when you’re getting your laser treatment is wipe down any deodorant or lotion that you might have in the area that you’re having your hair removed. Clean that area right up.

    Female 2: You’re going to feel the cold air.

    Female 1: What do you mean?

    Female 2: There’s going to be cold air. You’re going to feel this.

    Female 1: I’m so freaking nervous, I’m sweating.

    Female 2: I’m going to start up in here.

    Female 1: That feels nice. That feels great. This is the great part.

    Female 2: Here we go. What’s your pain level here; 0 being no pain, 10 being excruciating pain?

    Female 1: Are you doing anything? I don’t feel anything but cold air. Really, you’re doing stuff? My God. I don’t feel anything. It’s just like really cold air being blown on my armpit, really. It just feels like the AC has been blasting in my car. That’s it? Are you kidding me? Honestly, it doesn’t feel like anything. I am a huge, huge wimp. I can’t even have massages because I think it hurts too much. You can smell like the hair burning, which is
    cool because you’re like, “They’re frying that hair off”. That is it. How many times do I have to come back to have beautiful armpits?

    Female 2: We recommend at least 8 treatments . . .

    Female 1: Eight treatments.

    Female 2: . . . for best results.

    Female 1: That literally took 30 seconds of my day. I can continue on with my busy life. I get to wear these sweet glasses. Do I get to take these home?

    I just had my procedure done. It took 30 seconds of my day. It was just . . . I’m floored right now. I can’t believe . . . I thought it was going to hurt so bad, and I was anticipating this banging pain of someone hitting you with a rubber band. It just was cold air on my armpit. It was literally like the AC was blasting in my car on my armpits. I’m just not going to have to borrow my boyfriend’s razor anymore, and he’ll like me again.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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