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  • Underarms & Navel Laser Hair Removal on an African American Woman

    Video transcription

    Katrina Shenfield: Hi. I am Katrina Shenfield and I am here at LaserAway, Beverly Hills.

    Woman: So you’re in luck because we have a great machine. It is Cynosure and it treats all skin types.

    Katrina Shenfield: OK.

    Woman: Even really light patients or really dark patients. And it treats all skin types very effectively. It’s a dry laser. So now I’m now going to touch your skin and you’re going to have full air blowing throughout the treatment and that is going to keep you comfortable. All right. What’s the pain level on a scale of one to ten?

    Katrina Shenfield: It’s a little less maybe a four.

    Woman: Good. And I am going to come on to the other side. How is that?

    Katrina Shenfield: Good. Yeah, not bad.

    Woman: All right. Right over here. On a scale of one to ten, what is the pain level?

    Katrina Shenfield: A four.

    Woman: All right.

    Katrina Shenfield: Is that it?

    Woman: That’s it.

    Katrina Shenfield: Wow.

    Woman: Now we’ll do the navel. Can you feel it after the treatment or just during the treatment?

    Katrina Shenfield: No, just during. It still feels cool and what not.

    Woman: Cool? OK, good. Well, if you’re itchy or irritated, you can use aloe vera or hydro tonic [inaudible 00:02:04].

    Katrina Shenfield: OK.

    Woman: OK. So for the navel, it’s pretty short. Do you mind if I shave these fine hairs right here?

    Katrina Shenfield: No. That would —

    Woman: All right. Again on a scale of one to ten, I want you to tell me what the pain level is. Right now, what’s the pain?

    Katrina Shenfield: I don’t feel anything, so it’s zero.

    Woman: Is it still zero?

    Katrina Shenfield: Yeah.

    Woman: This is an area where the hair is really fine so it’s a little less snappy than an area where the hair would be coarse like the underarms. That’s it.

    Katrina Shenfield: OK.

    Woman: How was it?

    Katrina Shenfield: Yeah. Not bad at all. [Laughs] OK. I expected it to be, like, this long, torturous, miserable treatment. It was not bad at all.

    Woman: We have great technology.

    Katrina Shenfield: [Laughs] Actually, it was so fast. I think each area took about 30 to 60 seconds so that was beautiful. And then there was cold air blowing and so that numbed almost all of it out. Like, the navel, I didn’t even feel at all so that was beautiful. It was just quick and easy and when it was over with, I was, like, Hmm that was it? That’s kind of strange, you know, so quick. So it was very cool.

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