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  • Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal Treatment

    Video Transcription

    Lauren: Hello, my super team. Today, I’m going to LaserAway to get all my hair away but, hopefully, not all of my hair because I like my hair on my head, right?

    All right. Right now, I’m getting my bikini laser. Yay! No more shaving to go to the beach.

    Woman 1: Okay, you ready?

    Lauren: Yup.

    Woman 1: On the count of three, one, two, three.

    How you doing?

    Lauren: Good.

    Woman 1: How’s the bikini?

    Lauren: Good. Honestly, I don’t feel anything. This is really cool.

    I just want all the hair gone.

    I was expecting some type of pain, so I’m gonna ask somebody to punch me later because I really just wanted pain. And now, I’m disappointed there was no pain.

    I was expecting I was gonna be crying, and it was hurting. It didn’t hurt like anything. So hopefully, it all goes away. That was just amazing. I’m excited.

    Thanks so much for watching my laser hair removal video. Please remember to check out for more tips about laser anything. And remember, please call for a free consultation to hear more about what we do over here. And leave a comment below. If you have any questions about laser or any other procedures we do, we will do a video about it just for you.

    I’m Lauren Francesca. Please subscribe to this YouTube channel. Bye!

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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